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P.E Home Learning

Welcome to the P.E Home Learning page!


We will be adding new material and challenges in addition to the resources we used from last year, for the children to stay active and stimulated whilst learning from home during this latest lockdown. There will be links to online resources and videos, along with documents that can be downloaded and used at home if you wish.


Please check up weekly to see what new materials have been added. These will aim to work towards the government target of 60 minutes of active minutes per day. 


Usually, school is responsible for offering a minimum of 60 Active Minutes in the form of movement activities, break/lunchtime play, Daily Mile challenges and P.E lessons. While some of these things can't be done at the moment, this target is still going to be vitally important to not only keep the children active but also to maintain the whole family's physical and mental health. 


Remaining safe when doing P.E at home


Please remember:

  • You must have a grown up with you when you do your home P.E challenge (maybe they could even join in! laugh)
  • The activities should take place in a space big enough for you to move around safer (preferably outside where possible, and including above your head! surprise)
  • Ensure your space is safe for you to exercise in - making sure there is nothing you could fall over or into. Your safety comes first yes.
  • Make sure the floor is not slippery and doesn't have anything sharp lying on it.
  • Wear comfortable clothing, put your hair up (if needed) and remove any jewellery/watches etc.


Keep smiling, have fun and stay active! smiley

P.E Lockdown Resources


Key Websites


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