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Key Information

We all matter, We all count.


We take our commitment that 'every child matters' sincerely.


In all that we do, we aim to ensure that the children and staff of  the school community are safe and welcomed in school, lead healthy lives, enjoy and achieve in their lives, make positive contribution, and achieve economic well being.


Our staff and Governors have had training, discussions and debate about how we can make these aims ever more achievable in our school.


We take safety and Safeguarding of our staff and children very seriously. Our Child Protection and Health and Safety procedures are secure; and all adults working with children, and Governors , are cleared as suitable for their roles by the Criminal Record Bureau.


Because of day-to-day contact with children, schools are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour or failure to develop. Parents should be aware, therefore, that where it appears that a child may have been or is being abused, the school is required as part of the local Child Protection Procedures to report their concerns to the Social Services Department, immediately.




A Common Application Form (CAF) for our Local Authority is available from Blackburn with Darwen Council website




Our full admissions policies can be found using the link below.  For further information, please contact the school on (01254) 54851 and speak to our admin team.



Special Educational Needs


At Sacred Heart we do our best to include all our children in every aspect of school life and to help those who need additional support to achieve their potential.


In May 2010 OFSTED commented that :-


            “Pupils with Special Needs and/or disabilities are swiftly identified and sensitively     

                               supported. They make good progress.”


Children may experience difficulties in a curriculum area or have social, emotional or behavioural needs. Others may have medical needs.


We are committed to working in close partnership with parents and aim to keep them fully informed.

Parents are always involved in discussions about their child’s barriers to learning and if their

child is to be placed on the Special Education Needs Register. This ensures that all staff working with the child are aware of any additional needs and what needs to be in place to support them.


Some children are on the SEN Register for a short time whilst others may have long term needs.


With parental permission we may call on outside agencies for advice on how best to support a child.


School has forged strong links with an extensive range of outside agencies and staff work closely with them to meet the needs of individual children.


Our Inclusion co ordinator also works closely with the parents and class teachers of children requiring additional support.


Children with identified needs are supported in class by a Teaching Assistant or Special Support Assisitant under the guidance of the class teacher and Special Education Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO).  Tasks are organised and differentiated to suit the needs of the child and to facilitate progress to be made.


Children may also be withdrawn for individual and small group work delivered by the SENCO and Special Support Assistants. Interventions are devised to match the needs of the child to enable them to make progress against their individual targets.

SENDCo - Mr N.Tariq