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Sacred Heart School Council


Here at Scared Heart we believe that our pupils should have a 'voice' and should be 'heard'. To represent that 'voice', the children in each class chose two councillors to meet on a weekly basis to discuss, arrange and organise any important business happening within school. Here are just some of the things we do:


  • Organise school fairs.
  • Raise money for charity. 
  • Let pupils have their say!
  • Run competitions.
  • Promote special events within school.
  • Monitor outside play equipment.


Our key focus this year is how to improve our school environment. 

Brightening up our playground...

Brightening up our playground...  1
Brightening up our playground...  2
Brightening up our playground...  3
Brightening up our playground...  4

Christmas Markets 2017

School Council helped organise the Christmas markets where we raised money for food technology resources. Every class made a product to sell as part of our DT project in school. Every class looked at a different area of DT such as food technology, textiles, woodwork and leavers and mechanisms. The markets were a huge success and we can't wait to organise similar events!