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The Spirtiual Life at Sacred Heart

RE updates (2019-20 academic year)


Religious Education (RE) is taught as a discrete subject in each Key Stage (2 and half hours a wee).  We follow the ‘Come and See’ curriculum (see RE Curriculum).  However, at Sacred Heart, RE is more than a subject.  It is integral to the Ethos and Spiritual life of everyone at Sacred Heart.  


At Sacred Heart, We love and serve one God.  We believe that we are 'equally different' and we learn from each other.  We are inclusive of all faiths, and respect those who do not have a faith.  We learn about each other's religions through the RE Curriculum and the Religious life of the school(including assemblies, Faith weeks and Community Cohesion events and the school Chaplains).  However, the Spirituality of Sacred Heart is most apparent in the way we treat and support each other throughout the school day.    


March 2020:

This year, during Lent, we will be collecting money for CAFOD. Last year, we raised £255 to spend on toilet facilities, in Africa. This year, we hope to beat this and aim for £300.


In Pope Francis’ Ash Wednesday speech, symbolising the beginning of Lent, he mentioned ways we must try to make better use of our time on Earth. We should avoid idle chatter and mis-using time on the internet. 


December 2019:

The whole of the Sacred Heart School community celebrated Advent in a Christmas Service at Sacred Heart RC Church.


The Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects prepared and led the service with Christmas prayers and readings. Our Year 5 Chaplains performed the Nativity on the alter, reminding us all of Jesus journey into the world. Each class sang a Christmas hymn.


October 2019:

We celebrated the Harvest Celebration, which will take place at Sacred Heart RC church on Friday 4th October.  It is the time of year when we thank God for the wonderful food we receive. It is also a time when we pray for those less fortunate than ourselves, who may not receive good food. We continued to support the local food bank, by bringing packaged food (for example tinned food and cereal) from home to donate.  Thank you for your generosity and continued support. 


September 2019:


Welcome back to the new academic year. We hope you had a lovely summer.  We thank the wonderful work our Chaplains did last year, with Sister Margerate Mary and Miss Hannon.  We look forward to working with our new Chaplains in Year 5, every Wednesday morning.  We will keep you updated on all the charitable work and Spiritual leadership of our school.



March (Lent) 2019: CAFOD boxes



A huge thank you to everyone who has brought in CAFOD boxes, we have exceeded our target. We have raised enough to buy 3 community toilets for rural African communities. We've also raised enough to buy some seeds to help families grow their own food. 


Thank you to all those who have been collecting and returning the CAFOD boxes. As of Tuesday 20th March we have raised over £79. Our aim is to raise £255 which will provide 3 community toilets for areas in Africa that do not have access to toilet facilities, something we take for granted. 


Easter Celebration at Sacred Heart RC Church

CAFOD assembly at Sacred Heart


On the 19th February, we welcomed Lynne Smith into Sacred Heart to talk about the work of CAFOD. She was introducing the 'Give it yup' campaign which we are going to be partaking in. The children learnt a lot about the work of CAFOD and are excited to raise some money for people less fortunate than us. 


Each family will be receiving a box to collect any spare change they have no matter how little. All the money raised by our school will go towards buying essentials such as toilets, food and clean water. The  Government will also double any money raised for CAFOD throughout this Lenten period. 

CAFOD assembly

The 5W's


At Sacred Heart we aim to live by the 5W's. This is a framework created by Salford Diocese to live as God taught us. The 5W's are:


  • Welcome 
  • Welfare
  • Worship
  • Witness
  • Word

Our 5W Displays

Morning Prayer

Lunchtime Prayer

Home time Prayer