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Our principal aim is to develop children’s knowledge, skills, and understanding in English.


We do this through providing the children with a wide range of activities which encourage

Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing.


Pupils are provided with opportunities to apply these skills across other curriculum areas.



Phonics is taught predominantly in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. The children are introduced to phonics when they start Reception. When they move into Year One and Year Two we teach daily phonic lessons. The children are split into small groups and are taught phonics for 20 mins every day. In school, we use a number of resources to support the learning and teaching of phonics, including Letters and Sounds and Phonics Play.


ODDIZZI, also have a guided reading activities to build up content knowledge and understanding.



Our children are encouraged to share books with a grown up from a very early age. When they arrive at school, there will be lots of opportunities to read and share books with others.

To support their learning, the children will bring new books home to share with their grown ups.


We have established reading times in school for guided reading, independent reading, reading for fun and group reading (during lessons).

The Structure of our Lessons.


Our lessons follow a 3 phase format:

1. Immersion in the genre we are studying (grammar, structure, vocabulary acquisition, audience and purpose).

2. Gathering content phase (looking at grammar, structure, language acquisition and layout of the genre).

3. The writing phase, where we put together all the skills we have learnt.


We write as cross curricular as possible.  This means that we will use text from our subjects in our English lessons. This approach gives audience, purpose and meaning to our writing as they are 'real life'.

ODDIZZI also provide resources we can use in our English lessons, such as fact files on natural phenomena, persuasive writing which help structure our English lessons when appropriate.