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Summer 1


In our RE lessons this half term we are going to be learning about Pentecost. The children have already shown great understanding of Pentecost. We will be learning about  the wonder and the power of the Holy Spirit and how the new life of the Easter message is spread through the power of the Holy Spirit. 


Our Topic this half term is 'The art of food'. We are going to be looking at our teeth and the effects acidic drinks have on them. We will also be looking at our digestive system and taking part in a lot of experiments. Keep checking the page to see some exciting pictures. 

With Mrs Hargreaves you will be doing Art. During her lessons you will be drawing fruit and exploring how the look different from different angles and settings. 





Egg Experiment

We have been testing different toothpastes today to see which one was the best. We times ourselves to see how long it took to remove some black shoe polish off a whiteboard. Ask your children for the toothpaste they now want to be bought at home!  

Which toothpaste is best?