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Spring 1 Earthlings

Keeping to the space theme, in English we have been analysing a variety of Science Fictions films such as Star Wars and ET. We have been looking at their individual features, comparing vocabulary and contrasting the effects of successful story writing. We have then used this analysis to produce some excellent work.
ICT: This term we are looking at modelling and simulations. We have been using PurpleMash to digitally design our own models, which we will then produce later in the term.  We have also experimented with simulators and how they test certain situations, like in a space ship or satellite station. Please feel  free to log on at home and play any of the simulator games!
Art: Planets are beautiful to look at but in art we have been looking at them from an abstract point of view! Looking carefully at the features of abstract art and the work of famous artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso and Rothko. We have focused on shape, colour, texture and using different media for a variety of purposes. Take a look at our master pieces......