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General - Homework is given out and collected on Fridays. 

Reading - all children are expected to read everyday for at least 15 minutes. It is expected that the children will get their reading record signed by a 'grown up' at home, at least 5 times a week. The children's reading record will be checked each week. REMEMBER - you do not have to read the same book 5 times. The children can change their book on any day of the week, as long as their record is signed by a grown up.

Spellings - The children will be tested and given new spellings every Friday. It is expected that they will take the time to learn their spellings each week by completing the spelling homework. 

Mental Maths -  The children need to keep practising their mental maths fluency. We will have a focus for each half term.

Mental Maths - Every Friday the children will receive a mental maths test, that they should aim to finish within 30 minutes. 

Talk to Read - this is a picture homework with questions. The children should talk about the picture with a grown up in a language most accessible to the family. Once complete the children should write the answers to the questions in English.

Calling all Earthlings! Here are some challenges for you:Choose 3 or more activities to complete at home and bring into school. Wow your teacher and your class mates with your creativity and earn House points for your team and raffle tickets for prizes.


  • Find out facts about the space missions: What was the first creature that went to space? Who was the first astronaut? Who was the first man on the moon?What other interesting facts can you find?
  • Bake your own space themed cookies or biscuits. Write down the recipe and feel free to share with your teacher!
  • Create a timeline to show the history of space travel.
  • Design an alien and write about its characteristics.
  • Use scrap paper, foil, sweet wrappers and other junk from around the house to create a space collage.
  • Make a space mobile that you could hang in the classroom.
  • Make your own space themed Tops Trumps cards.